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My New single 
My Friends Are Dead
Out Now

My friends are dead is a song I wrote about a year ago in summer 2020. I was just in the mood to write, as I usually just write whenever I feel like it. I never know what I want to talk about before I write a song, I just start and see what comes out. What I love about that process is that only once the words are said I realise what has been on my mind, sometimes I don't even realise what topics I'm thinking about or what's on my mind until I write it down or sing it.

In this case, it started with me watching my own thoughts and wondering who the thinker is if I can hear myself think. Thoughts like that always make me feel slightly insane but then I tell myself that insane people don't even ask themselves if they are insane. At least that is my last straw.

“I heard a voice in my head the other day” sums that up, I noticed all the different voices in my head that are telling me different things. As if different people are living in my head. Some are good, some are bad and some are just weird. Those are the friends or maybe even fake friends I am referring to. Sometimes these voices even argue, one is telling me how great, unstoppable and amazing I am, the other one is telling me that I’m dumb, stupid and fat. Then there is another one singing random songs in the background and there's me watching all this wondering why and how I’m even capable of witnessing all this.


Letting go of the negative voices, letting go of the ego and even the identification with the self that's what the phrase “My friends are dead” stands for for me. However other people interpret that differently and that's what I love about music and songwriting. I didn't even know what I meant until the song was done. Everyone sees and hears it differently and there is no right or wrong. No right or wrong answer. Whatever you hear in the song, whatever it is saying to you is right for you.

I would love to hear your view, what it means to you and how it makes you feel. 

I love that music is ever-changing and subjective, that's what makes it come to life, that's what makes it timeless and I wonder how I’m gonna see the song in a few years, but for now, it is a light pop song with a layer of heaviness to me. 

Listen Now
to my first single
the light🖤

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